Tips On How To Survive Against Cancer

How Superfoods Can be Helpful Against Cancer

If you are like most of us, it seems that everything can cause cancer nowadays. Without a doubt, cancer (the second highest cause of death in the US) is a legal topic that needs serious attention. There is no need to fear in that nature has provided us with food that can actually help us with this debilitating statistic. In the last 10 years, scientists have begun to call these superfoods, and the name has stuck. In regard to this natural diet, you need to think in terms of variety when you look at the superfoods that are available. Let’s look at some ways that these foods can help you prevent cancer from developing, opposed to attacking it outright.

Some people have been drawing apricots and peppers for decades, knowing that these anti-cancer superfoods are very beneficial for your health. Many people are aware of others beyond this short list. Several other foods have very similar properties that you can find yourself, or that you may know about. All apricots have a distinctive color. This is because each one of them has a high amount of beta carotene within them. You’ll also find lycopene and high amounts of vitamin C. Although these foods can help prevent cancer, and you can also get all of your vitamins by eating these superfoods regularly. Dried peppers give you the same benefits, and we mention them along with apricots so you’ll have a good idea about the diversity of sources.

Although kumquats have been around for thousands of years, they are not publicized very much at all. Just like a kiwifruit, the kumquat can be ingested, along with the rind, with no problems at all. You already know that most fruit rinds, or peels, are not eaten. There are actually liminoids in the kumquat rind which can help you in many ways. When it comes to the spread of cancer, in vitro research has shown that liminoids can stop it. To be clear, in vitro means “in lab conditions”, and this is where the data was gathered. That’s often good enough for most people and that includes me. Kumquats also have many other good nutrients within them, thus liminoids are not the only beneficial reason for eating them.

We have already discussed how great berries taste, and also how cancer prevention is possible if you eat them regularly. People that eat strawberries, cranberries, blackberries and blueberries regularly can really benefit from these fruits. There are many other types of berries available, but this is enough to keep you eating healthy for quite some time. In case you didn’t know, not only do you get vitamin C and fiber in berries, but ellagic acid can also be found. This antioxidant acid can be instrumental for skin cancer protection and prevention. Remember that the phytochemicals found in these foods are not minerals or vitamins. Essentially, these antioxidants are how to cope with cancer necessary for preventative measures, and can be called phytochemicals or polyphenols when referencing them. By taking superfoods regularly, making them part of your everyday diet, you can help add to your preventative countermeasures. If you read scientific journals, go to certain websites, or even in certain magazines, success stories about the super foods continue to pop up. Cancer treatments have come a long way. They used to be a mandatory death sentence which was painful and full of despair. Any doctor worth their weight in gold will certainly have a patient do both traditional and natural treatments for their cancer if that is what they are diagnosed with.


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